The First Real World Conversion Platform: QR & Beyond

The First Real World Conversion Platform: QR & Beyond

In a Minneapolis apartment, 28-year-old Phoebe binges Stranger Things while absent-mindedly clicking through a Facebook poll and carefully considering the optimal camera angle for her next boomerang selfie. Meanwhile, a marketer in LA prepares to execute a $50M cross channel campaign with the duopoly results of thousands like Phoebe. That’s our target demo, right?

When we talk about the value of data in marketing, we rely on the idea that the numbers solicited from mass online reporting represent the whole truth. But are we sure?

"There is virtually no correlation between online and offline sentiment." – MIT Sloane Management Review, 2019.

Sometime in 2009, it became easier to communicate with our target from the comfort of our swivel chairs. I know, because I did it, too. Our tech stacks started growing into the virtual pile of code that replaced our common sense understanding of how to engage consumers.

It's easy to forget that when we stare down that stack, through the layers of push and pull, and there's a human. And the best way to know what that human really thinks, is to pull up a chair and ask them.

But that sounds like a lot of work, right?

That's why we built Tapple.

"For companies to be competitive today, it's no longer about lower cost or the best product. The question now is: who's got the relationships?" – Sanjay Dhalakia

Tapple is the first conversion platform built to allow each brand, big or small, to get down at the level of their customers, look them in the eye, and hear every word they have to say. To build a relationship.

Imagine the power of initiating thousands of mobile conversations at a live event through one simple real world trigger. Now imagine that mobile experience intelligently changes based on the current weather, location, trending topics online, and even responsively adjusts based on declared and inferred data. Imagine the power of extreme mass personalization in the real world.

Our platform allows consumers to be seen and heard by your brand. And that is the most persuasive tool of all.

While email-only campaigns are currently averaging a 2.9% conversion rate, the average click through rate of display ads is 0.1%. Over 30% of US internet users have an ad blocker enabled.

The web is hot and crowded.

Our pioneer clients have used Tapple at live event campaigns across the country and have seen scan to submission conversion rates of up to 94%.

Let me be perfectly clear: 94% of people who engaged with their message happily provided personal information while weighing in on product updates, taste tests and giveaways. This is the power of layering the right message delivered to the right audience at the right time.

Target + Timing + Interest = Effortless Conversions

It means meeting consumers at their interests in the real world, and engaging them at the peak of their enthusiasm.

"We can't get this type of real-world data anywhere else." - Pepsi executives, on Tapple

So how does it work?

Messages are consumed through QR (now applessly scanned through your smartphone camera), NFC chip "taps," and geolocation. It’s easy and quick to assemble content on the platform that can be changed anytime.

And best of all, there's no app to push through or registration required. Delivering instant value on-demand to any mobile device.

Tapple is insertable in any real world environment with methods as dirt cheap as a printed QR code or something as monumental as an arena megatron display, where thousands can engage at once.

Tapple is also incredibly eco-friendly, minimizing what was once thousands of piece of paper down to one QR code or NFC chip tap.

Markets are growing ever more fragmented, and consumers more fickle. Competition in nearly every D2C category grows by the quarter. It's not enough to be a brand, you need to have a personality, a conscience, a soul.

Brands who intend to stick around longer than the next fidget spinner will reconsider their investment on clicks and start putting marketing dollars towards winning the hearts and minds of consumers in the real world.